Video Of Idaho HS Attack Is Violent As Expected

You may remember a post at the start of this month, where the traditional roles of high school coaches and their players took a drastic about-face, with Nampa High School Football Coach Scott Wooldridge being beaten brutally by his running back, Kipton Ramos, during a game.

Idaho HS football player attacks own coach

Not surprisingly, the incident had to do with Wooldrige’s insistence that Ramos walk away from a scrum with an opponent. When officials on the field broke up the fight, Ramos’ appetite for violence hadn’t been sated, so he moved on to the next potential target; Wooldridge. Well, now we’ve got video, after the jump.

The Zapruder film-caliber clip emerged on, which dug up footage via of the gory encounter (as did Boise TV station KTVB at, in which Wooldrige suffered both a broken nose and eye socket. Ramos was charged with a felony count of assault as a result.

Here’s the full video, in all its brief yet flurious glory. The fact that Ramos was able to do that much damage to his coach with two punches has to qualify him as something close to a deadly weapon. Have we finally reached the point where high school athletes, let alone collegiate and professional studs, are too strong for the good of society? Makes you think.