Video: Roy Williams Delivering Pizzas, Gets Stiffed

VIDEO OF ROY WILLIAMS DELIVERING ON PIZZA PROMISE: Lions receiver and noted cheapskate Roy Williams put his walking shoes where his mouth is, and spent part of his Tuesday working for Pizza Hut.

Roy Williams Pizza Hut

QUO VADIMUS has exclusive video of Williams’ delivery day in Detroit (audio is a bit soft):

Cameras followed Roy to his first scheduled stop. As he unloaded the cheese-covered fare, the woman at the door mentioned, “You’re the one who doesn’t tip, right?“And, of course, she stiffed him.After dropping of the doughy goods, Williams walked from the house, exclaiming, “No tip! No tip! No tip!

Roy Williams delivering pizza video

But it appears Roy had learned a valuable lesson from the experience, and he won’t be afraid to give a gratuity to delivery men & women: “You gotta put gas in the car, and all that, so, you know, I’m gonna start to tip. I see how they feel.”And a little drizzle in the air helped Roy further understand the hardship: “Standing out in the rain, with no tip. No money in my pocket. No tip.”

Those that did pass Roy a little something extra will be happy to know that it all went to World Food Programme, an organization helping to fight global hunger. Topping that off, Williams himself donated $5,000 to the charity.

Colin Cowherd

It’s nice to see how making jackass comments on the radio can evolve into such a noble cause. If this trend continues, expect Colin Cowherd to win a Nobel Peace Prize.