Alleged Video Of Giles Abusing Pregnant Girlfriend

Earlier today we reported on allegations of domestic abuse by Brian Giles.

Brian Giles Throws Down Pregnant Girlfriend Video

More Details from San Diego’s NBC affiliate:

Olvera claims that in 2002, Giles beat her while she was pregnant with his baby. Olvera later miscarried. Goldstein said Olvera doesn’t blame Giles for that miscarriage, but he said she does blame Giles for another miscarriage. He said that earlier this year, she became pregnant again with Giles’ baby. According to Goldstein, Olvera lost the baby after Giles allegedly threw her down a hallway.

Shocking stuff. And now it appears there may be a smoking gun in the case, as Olvera’s attorney this afternoon released video of an alleged abusive incident at a bar in 2006. Video after the jump.

If the abuser in the video is indeed Giles, if that doesn’t send him off to jail NOTHING will:

If the allegations and video turn out to be legit, how Giles can walk into another major league clubhouse after this video, I have no idea.Then again, sports stars have gotten away with worse and continued their careers. So I have no doubt that the Padres will welcome Giles back with open arms if he keeps hitting that 89 mph slider - at a discount.