Blogs: Video of Brady Quinn Wearing USC Jersey

• We mentioned earlier how Brady Quinn had to don a USC jersey after losing a bet. Now, IRISH TROJAN IN TENNESSEE has video proof of the QB’s cringing clothing change:

Brady Quinn USC jersey video

• Coloradoans take note: RIVALFISH cowboys up to present their top 10 reasons to hate Red Sox fans.• Ray Ratto of CBS SPORTSLINE has no comment, as the media can corner athletes into “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.”

• THE MONEY SHOT bangs their heads, as they compare NBA teams to ‘80s hair metal bands:

Quiet Riot Gilbert Arenas

• THE EXTRAPOLATER asks the NCAA to repeat that, as they don’t understand the whole Division 1-A/Football Bowl Subdivision double-talk.• AWFUL ANNOUNCING packs their bags for the Great White North, as MLB viewers in Canada are Buck & McCarver free.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS is in good hands, as Tony Romo takes out a $30 million insurance policy on himself:

Tony Romo drinking

• WTAE reports that former Pitt ESPN radio announcer John Duffy has plead guilty to child porn charges.• OFF WING OPINION counts to 10, as they’re annoyed by interruptions from ESPN SportsCenter’s 30 in 30.

• The GONZAGA BULLETIN bulldogs Rick Reilly for selling his soul to the Satan in Bristol:

Rick Reilly

• The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE learns it’s student against teacher in Corvallis, as Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh faces Oregon State and his old pro coach Mike Riley.• SPORTS REVIEW MAGAZINE gets a tip that Bill Callahan will be bought out by Nebraska at the end of the season.