Video: Mississippi State Outfielder Flips Off Crowd

Mississippi State baseball player Brent Brownlee was suspended for one game by Bulldogs head coach John Cohen Monday morning after the outfielder made an obscene gesture on the field immediately following a game yesterday in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Brent Brownlee Flips Off Fans Video

After left fielder Brownlee caught the final out in a 5-3 MSU win over Arkansas Sunday afternoon, he directed a single-finger obscene gesture in the directions of fans as he jogged off the field.

(No idea how that Ole Miss Bear footage got in there)

After the game, Coach Cohen Tweeted:

“This was (a) unfortunate incident. No amount of verbal abuse or threats of physical violence from fans justifies Brent’s reaction.”

“He’s a model citizen and he feels embarrassed. I know that if he could take back those few seconds he would in a heartbeat but he’s going to take responsibility for his actions and he’ll pay a tough price for that. I will say that Brent Brownlee’s track record up to this point has been flawless. It would take a lot to provoke Brent Brownlee.”

Brownlee said in a statement Monday:

“I apologize for my actions after the game Sunday. I let my emotions get the most of me in the heat of the moment. Those actions in no way represent me, my team and my university, and I regret letting so many people down.”

Threats of physical violence from fans?

Maybe that’s the other ballpark Frank McCourt was talking about.

Minus the murders and gang infestation McCourt has overseen since 2003 at Chavez Ravine.

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