Video: Mike Leach Stellar In Game Analyst Debut

Mike Leach debuted as a television analyst for the CBS College Sports Network last Saturday and he absolutely did not disappoint.

Mike Leach college football broadcast debut video

(What’s the odds he owns a logo-less dress shirt?)

Calling the UCF-N.C. State game, Leach brought what you hoped he’d bring: Plain-spoken football analysis and his non sequitur, tangential perspective on the meaning of life.

Youtube user Logan McDonald did a wonderful job recounting Leach’s performance. Some examples (video marks in parentheses):

  • Leach on the UCF offense (6:25): “They’ve had trouble with the N.C. State d-line all day. They need to spread the set out. Once in awhile you wanna get everybody’s butt together so one grenade can kill them all.”
  • Leach waxing on Fourth of July (6:05): “I remember when I was a kid Fourth of July was big for me ’cause in Wyoming you could have fireworks all over the place and we’d literally have wars with our neighbors with them.”
  • On UCF’s timeout situation (3:05): “The timeouts, it’s a little bit like money, you don’t want to die with them and give them to your kids so you might as well use them if you need them.”

To be clear, Leach has absolutely no camera presence and a remarkably monotone voice, but his substance stands out from the quagmire of his cliche-addled colleagues. As he loosens up, Leach will surely give us of more of the sophisticated analysis and realtalk personality that college football fans are starving for.

Leach showed flashes of personality during the broadcast, and there was plenty of delightful awkwardness between the coach and his on-air partner, Roger Twibell. (I particularly enjoyed the stony silence from Twibell after Leach would say something marginally inappropriate. Gold!)

From just one game, I can state without equivocation that I’d rather watch Leach work a college football broadcast than his courtroom nemesis Craig James. Or any other analyst for that matter, save Kirk Herbstreit.