Video: Mariano Rivera Spits On Baseball In ALCS

Screengrab, via, of Mariano Rivera spitting on a baseball before he delivered it to the plate yesterday in Game 3 of the ALCS against the Angels.

Video of Mariano Rivera Spitting On A Baseball

Some will argue optical illusion, but what makes it clear to me is the way Rivera is holding the ball. Why else would he be gripping the ball in that manner, between his thumb and forefinger?

Did Mariana Rivera spit on the baseball?

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Video after the jump.

Yankee apologists will argue that Rivera spit away from the ball. But then why would he be holding the ball that way at exact the same time?

MLB is bogging the whole protest down with a confusing, Zapruder-esque argument. That there’s no conclusive video evidence that saliva struck baseball.

Amazing that Rivera would be so brazen. Is this an isolated case? Probably, as with multiple camera angles for every game, I don’t think he could’ve gotten away with that sort of thing all these years.