Video Lip Reading: Miles Lost Track Of Timeouts?

Here’s an interesting piece of video from the end of the LSU-Ole Miss game.

Les Miles Video Did He Lose Track Of Tigers' Timeouts?

If you don’t know how badly the Tigers botched the final minute of the game, go here and then come back. If you do, watch LSU Coach Les Miles‘ lips at the :19 mark:

That was recorded as live video of Miles and the game clock, it is not a replay.

After the game was declared over and the clock ran out, Miles clearly says “timeout” and then abruptly looks around. Does that indicate that he didn’t realize the Tigers had no more timeouts?  And why would he even be bringing it up at that point, except to scold quarterback Jordan Jefferson or an assistant coach?

Miles’ reax to the end of the game was perplexing to say the least. His demeanor and body language indicates that he didn’t think the game was over despite the clock running out. Did he think LSU had called a timeout (which they didn’t have) before the Jefferson’s spike - so the game wasn’t over?

It appears that Miles completely delegated the whole thing to Offensive Coordinator Gary Crowton, who incidently was helpless in the press box as the debacle unfolded. Safe to saw Crowton will be on the field for LSU’s next game.

Finally, in his postgame presser, Miles was not asked if he personally had lost track of timeouts. Hopefully someone will bring it up tomorrow or Monday and we’ll get the truth.

If you have thoughts what Miles actually said in the video, leave them in the comments. I’m sure there are some lip readers out there who are much more adept at the art than me.