Video: LeBron James Gets Big Birthday Present

TMZ fought the law and won - by putting up police video of LeBron James’ ticketing for speeding.

LeBron James arrest police video

As you recall, #23 was pulled over on his 23rd birthday for going 101 in a 65 zone. And the above clip comes courtesy from the dashboard of one of Ohio’s law enforcement finest.

What insights does the video reveal? Does LeBron give any lip? Do the cops get out their tasers?

The clip is quite thrilling - if you find a minute-long stationary shot of a white car parked at a gas station enthralling. The only action seen is a patrolman plodding back to his squad car - and that doesn’t happen until 50 seconds in.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS had earlier reported, “Other details about the traffic stop were not available.” That’s because it looked like nothing else happened.

Pretty disappointing. We were at least expecting something like this:

Or even this: