Video: Wide Receiver Suffers Compound Fracture

Tuesday night Houston played Marshall on ESPN. Like you, I didn’t much care about the result of the game.

Houston Reciever Breaks Leg Patrick Edwards On Equipment Cart

I care even less after seeing this gruesome injury. The HOUSTON CHRONICLE has the sad details after the jump, along with video.

Cougar wideout Patrick Edwards was the person on the receiving end of a horrific, yet preventable leg injury. (MOVE THE TROLLEY DUMBA$$.)

Edwards, just a freshman from Hearne, TX, was having a nice season, especially for a first-year player, when he ran into a cart behind the end zone.

Patrick Edwards Houston Receiver Broken Leg

The Chronicle reports:

Edwards, running out of the end zone as he tried to track down a long pass from Blake Joseph, ran into a band equipment cart that for reasons that remain unclear were parked just beyond the out-of-bounds line. The impact, captured by ESPN’s cameras, caused a compound fracture of Edwards’ right leg.

Cougars’ coach Kevin Sumlin said that while he had “his opinions” on the subject, he would offer no comment on such a dangerous situation. University of Houston athletics director Dave Maggard said he will pursue the subject with Marshall officials.

“It was duly noted and I think we’ll save the conversation for another day,” Maggard said. “I don’t think there is any question that it is a problem. We all noticed it, and we want to find out why something like that would occur. It was a serious injury, no question about it.”

The injuries cast a pall over what had already been a gloomy evening.

Not much you can do if you’re Houston at this point. Edwards, on the other hand, is likely to be lawyered-up in short order.