Video: Gal Gives Rays Fan Quite A Helping Hand

Despite their recent problems in the Bronx, the Tampa Bay Rays are still a Major League force to be reckoned with. Yet, even with one of the best records in baseball, the Rays still have trouble enticing Tampanians and St. Petersburgers out to Tropicana Field (now 27th in league attendance). What more can a team do to get fans to come out to the ballpark?

Jenn Sterger Tampa Bay Rays

(If there’s anyone that knows about bandwagons, it’s Jenn Sterger)

Well, one frisky couple might have hit upon an arousing idea.

The following video is a bit grainy, and the audio is pretty garbled, but we’re pretty confident it’s from last Wednesday’s Rays-Red Sox game. (We can make out a Boston batter standing behind catcher Dioner Navarro in the first few frames, and the broom behind the couple would symbolize the sweep Tampa was about to deal to the Sox.)

Anyway, what we can make out is a certain hand motion the young lady appears to be making in the gentleman’s groinal area. See for yourself:

(Video after the jump.)

It could be argued that the guy’s clapping is what’s causing the girl’s arm to move like that. But we counter by asking what was the girl’s hand doing between the guy’s legs in the first place?

We wonder if this the same couple that trades smooches during pitches. You know - he kisses her on the strikes, and she kisses him on the balls.

And I’m outta here! Good night, everybody! Enjoy the buffet!