Video: French Soccer Player Faints On Field. Again

We’ve probably been spoiled by the influx of mystery shows on television, misled into thinking that doctors and authorities are all attractive supergeniuses who can solve any puzzle in front of them - in spite of all evidence existing in reality (CSI:NY? Really? They’re actually investigating murders in New York all of a sudden?).

Bafetimbi Gomis faint
(Does he have to faint with his eyes open? That’s so creepy.)

House, of course is no exception; if that show were right, then a soccer player who faints twice in the course of his club’s training would probably be put into the care of four impossibly young and attractive doctors, none of whom will figure out what’s wrong until the player’s life is in grave danger. No, this is real life, so said soccer player continues to practice, and… okay, great, down he goes for a third time. Damn it. Video and story after the break.


While training was taken place with all the players in attendance, proceedings came to a dramatic halt as the Lyon striker (Bafetimbi) Gomis sunk to the floor after fainting. After a reported six minutes Gomis eventually regained consciousness, before he was helped off the training pitch by medical staff. According to reports, amazingly after only a fifteen minute break to regain his composure on the sidelines, Gomis then rejoined his team-mates in their training exercises.

But something strange is definitely happening to Gomis. This is the third time the 24-year-old has fainted since joining Lyon in the summer, and the second in the space of a week that the striker has fallen down.

Okay, perhaps we’re still a little spooked by the specter of Hank Gathers, but our advice would be to get this man off the pitch immediately. After all, you never hear about anybody developing a fainting habit in the course of rigorous athletic activity three times in the course of a few months, but then the problem goes away on its own. If something’s serious enough to make a man lose consciousness out of nowhere, it’s probably worth a rigorous battery of tests before that person even thinks about participating in sports again. It’s a no-brainer, right?

But then we read this…

Naturally, Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has expressed concern. “We can’t not be worried, it scares you each time. A vasovagal episode (fainting) is part of the things that can happen to people who have this type of constitution. It’s now three times that it’s happened. Yes, I’m worried.”

…and we’re less than encouraged that this situation’s going to be resolved properly. No, it’s not like Aulas told him to sack up or anything egregiously stupid, but just registering some worry and chalking it up to the player’s”constitution” doesn’t seem particularly enlightened. We hope Gomis is relieved of his roster spot with Lyon until a doctor asserts it’s safe to come back. This story has ended badly too many times for FC Lyon and Gomis to take a passive approach here.