Video Evidence Surfaces of Slovakian Slaughter

Remember last week’s story about the Slovakia women’s hockey team smoking Bulgaria with an 82-0 victory? Well, it’s no longer just one of those Intertubes urban legends that finds its way from some guy’s personal page onto Fark and then onto actual legitimate news organizations. It has been confirmed the only way it can: By actual video evidence!

Video of 82-0 hockey loss

The videos, posted by the Slovakian hockey blog NHLsarok (via YAHOO! Sports), show about 7 minutes of the massacre, and frankly, that’s all one needs to see. With 82 goals, it gets kind of redundant and, frankly, kind of depressing.

If you think you have the stomach, head over the jump and prepare yourself for a whole lot of referee whistles.

Part I, In Which The Puck Is Dropped And All Hope Is Lost:

Part II, In Which The Goaltender Has Been Pulled, Since She Really Wasn’t Doing Anything Anyway:

Part III, In Which Many Emotions Boil Over And Fighting Commences:

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to search the rest of the entire Internet for a complete video of the 82-0 debacle. At the very least, an edited version of every goal scored.