Clip: Emmitt’s ESPN Reputation Remains Unsoiled

Today during ESPN2 First Take’s hourly break to mop and pressure wash Skip Bayless‘ interrogation room, we were blessed with an appearance by the network’s most beloved personality, Emmitt Smith.

From that delightful exchange with Reischea Canidate, we learned that Emmitt has been entrusted by Jerry Jones & Co. the exact role you would expect for such a prominent figure in Dallas pro football history.

Naturally, Emmitt has been officially charged with the public dissemination of unique, proprietary snow removal technology to be administered on metroplex roads in the event of a winter storm during Super Bowl week.

According to deputized DOT spokesman Smith, the plan is to “put dirt on the roads” to clear snow and ice - keeping DFW traffic arteries safe for motorists.

But if such a plan is indeed deployed, what happens when fans end up in Amarillo instead of at the Super Bowl?

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