Video: Dumbass Tries Swiping World Cup Trophy

Before Spain defeated Holland today in South Africa, a Spanish man got within inches of grabbing the World Cup trophy after invading the pitch.

Jimmy Jump Video Tries To Steal World Cup Trophy

Jaume Marquet Cot, otherwise known as Jimmy Jump, was hauled off by security after running onto the Soccer City Stadium field and attempting to place a barretina (hat) on top of the trophy.

Jimmy Jump Video Tries To Steal World Cup Trophy

Cot is the same dumbass who accosted Roger Federer in 2009 French Open final and has notoriously invaded playing spaces of high profile sports events for years.

With the rough justice doled out by South African courts for crimes committed during the World Cup, here’s hoping Cot rots in a South African Prison - at the very least - long enough to completely miss the celebrations in Spain.

Four years on Robben Island? Sounds about right.