Video: Duke Fans Aren’t Bedeviled By All The Hate

So, of all the #1 seeds in the tourney, only Duke has survived to make it to this year’s Final Four - much to the delight of Dick Vitale & the chagrin of so many other college basketball fans.

Duke fans

But every good drama needs a villain. And with Butler, Michigan State and West Virginia all making surprising trips to Indianapolis next weekend, the Dookies will be happy to play the bad guys.

And how do Blue Devil fans feel about all the animosity aimed at Coach K & the Cameron Crazies?  They say - bring it on!

Yardbarker blog Rumors & Rants was in Houston last weekend for the Elite Eight and went right to the source, asking Duke fans why everyone hates their team so much.

Some of their answers:

“It’s like the Yankees or the Cowboys - you’re gonna get that negative connotation with success.”

“A lot of it is jealousy because they are so consistent.”

“It’s hard not to hate us if you’re from another school. We’re getting into your heads, and getting into teams’ heads to psyche them out, so of course they’re going to hate us.”

“Everyone wants to see the big guys lose.”

“I don’t think they know the sport of basketball.”

“Just because they’re haters, probably.”

“It’s fans like me.”

But maybe Duke fans should add a little humility to their hubris, lest the basketball gods unleash another meningitis scare upon Krzyzewskiville.

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