Video: Collins “Chucks” Mouthguard At Bears Fan

As noted earlier today, FOX 6 in Milwaukee has been airing video of a fan at Soldier Field in Chicago last night allegedly directing racial slurs at Green Bay Packers player Nick Collins.

Nick Collins Video Posted

It was inevitable that the video would surface on the web with FOX 6 liberally re-airing it throughout the day to such a large audience. And it has, for now at least.

The video, posted on the web via a Twitvid user account, does not have sufficient audio to indicate what was said to provoke Collins, but the Packer responded to whatever was said to him by throwing his mouthpiece into the Soldier Field stands. Two fans then responded with obscene gestures in Collins’ direction. (Collins told a reporter after the game a fan yelled the n-word at him.)

Collins has since apologized for his reaction to the verbal abuse.

FOX 6 has not put the video online because the NFL web video policy prohibits working NFL media from posting any video from inside the stadium that isn’t a reporter standup or interview.

Though FOX 6 has asked viewers to identify “witnesses” to the incident by posting still images of the confrontation on its official Facebook page.

From the video, it’s clear that Collins was heckled in some manner, but that doesn’t excuse him throwing anything in the stands. For that reason, it’s likely he’ll receive some sort of punishment from the league - which has already confirmed an investigation into the matter.

Though it goes without saying that if a fan or fans did use the n-word, they should be barred from Soldier Field for a significant period of time.