Video: Cecil, Cam Newton Meet Inside Stadium

After USA TODAY columnist Christine Brennan’s report today that Cecil Newton is now claiming - through his attorney - that he did not attend the BCS Championship Game, video of Cecil and son Cam Newton’s postgame meeting inside University of Phoenix Stadium was brought to my attention.

Cecil Newton and Cam Newton inside stadium after BCS Championship Game

The video, originally aired by ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, was included in a piece about a heartwarming father-son experience at the BCS Game. (The sequence involving the Newtons is around the 2:14 mark of the ABC 33/40 video report.)
During the brief clip, Cecil is clearly shown moving down stadium stairs as son Cam approaches his location in the seating area.

It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that father Newton could’ve gotten through the stadium gates and reached his son from the stands after the game - despite not attending the game.

The better question is though, with all the problems Cecil has caused Auburn, his son and so many others, why do it?

Especially in light of Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs claiming that father Newton had agreed with AU school officials not to attend the game.

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