Video: Bynum Hula Hooping At Playboy Mansion

Los Angeles media was abuzz today over a photo posted by Arash Markazi at that featured an injured Andrew Bynum with Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain on his shoulders at a Playboy Mansion party last Saturday.

Andrew Bynum Hula Hoop Video At Playboy Mansion

(You didn’t know hula hooping was an integral part of knee injury rehab?)

There’s been plenty of chatter as to why Bynum was seen in that situation, considering that he recently suffered a serious knee injury (torn MCL).

Now Alana G. from has video of Bynum from last Friday at a Playboy golf function. This time he’s attempting to impress a Playmate in a hula hoop contest. The woman might be Narain, but I’m not totally sure on that.

Alana also is quick to point out that contrary to an ESPN report, Bynum did not golf at the event.

Video after the jump.

No idea why Bynum would go to this length to try to win over the Playmate. She quite obviously is interested in him solely because of his good looks and suave manner.  Save it A.B.!

Now, as a public service, I’ve taken the liberty of transcibing the somewhat incoherent dialogue of the scene.

Bynum: “Wanna see who can Hula the best?”Playmate: “Yeah, you wanna try that, I wanna see you try it.”

Bynum: “Me versus you though.”

Playmate “What happens when you lose?”

Bynum: “I’m not gonna lose. How ’bout if I win? … (gestures) … How ’bout that?”

What was Bynum referring to with his gesture in the Playmate’s direction? He probably just wanted to take her for a quick spin over to tour the home of the late, great Chick Hearn. Yeah, that had to be it.

Though Bynum looks perfectly fine in the video, if he is never able to come back at full strength, you wonder if the Lakers’ lawyers would be revisiting the fine print in the $58M deal he signed with the club last November.

And in fairness to Bynum, he’s still only 21 and prone to questionable judgement. The better question is, who the heck is letting him do this stuff?