Video: Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong w/Nunchucks

I’d say we’re all a little footballed out. After a week in which half of the games were decided by more than two touchdowns, and the ones that weren’t included the Browns-Colts and Bills-Niners crapfests, I think it’s time for a sport in which the winning side is guaranteed to put up 21 points: table-tennis.

Bruce Lee

Before you go deleting your bookmarks, I found the one thing that can possibly make table tennis cool. After mastering the ancient Chinese art of asskickery, Bruce Lee mastered the ancient Chinese art of ping pong. And because playing with a paddle would be unfair to any mortal opponents, Lee plays the game with nunchucks. Yep, there’s video, and yep, you’ll want to click through. (Enter the dragon, after the jump.)

My favorite part is when he punches clean through the guy’s chest. No wait, that was Riki-Oh. OK, my favorite part was when Bruce freaking Lee played ping pong with freaking nunchucks. You’ve got to love how he jumps and flips, which adds nothing to the effectiveness of the shot, but looks damn cool. Never underestimate the power of cool to distract and intimidate your opponent. That, and the feeling that if there’s a disputed point, he’s in position to crack some skulls. Methinks John McEnroe missed a trick.

OK, before you get all high and mighty in the comments, of course the video is probably fake. Just like cat getting stuck on fan, it’s an ad for Nokia. But who cares? In my head, of course Bruce Lee could do this. He could play baseball or go bowling with nunchucks if he wanted. He could make a half-court shot with a kendo stick. If this video is fake, I don’t want to go back to reality, where I have to watch Houston play on Monday Night Football. Don’t take this away from me.