Video: Bieber Calls Out Tom Brady About His Hair

In case you’re unaware, teen media phenomenon Justin Bieber is now, officially, a rapper.

Justin Bieber mocks Tom Brady in rap video

The 16-year-old recently released a rap video titled, “Speaking in Tongues,” which features Bieber critiquing the similarly shaggy hairstyle of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In the video, Bieber is seen mocking a football-throwing motion while he spits this mad lyric:

“Sack like a sacker, Call up Mr. Brady, Tell him leave his hair to the guy that sings Baby.”

The BOSTON HERALD reports what happened when Brady was asked in July if his haircut was inspired by Bieber:

Today, during his first interview of the training camp, I asked Brady about it. So… did they not have barbers in California?

No, no,” Brady said, smiling. “Different look this year.

Fair enough. Then, I couldn’t resist…

Was it Justin Bieber’s look that gave you the idea?

Brady started shaking his head and laughing to himself. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

This week Brady also denied a Sunday television report of an angry confrontation between the quarterback and since-departed wide receiver Randy Moss. The originally-reported issue between the two NFL stars? Moss told Brady to cut his hair, “because he looked like a girl.

Tom Brady Hair Loss Talk Plugged

All of this is oh-so-ironic considering that just two years ago the only talk about Brady’s hair involved his battle against a rapidly receding hairline.

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