Video: Barnes Throws Opponent Onto Laker Girl

As we’ve chronicled here, it was an eventful summer for Matt Barnes.

Laker Girl Ashley Turned Down Timberlake

During a summer league game in San Francisco in August, Barnes slapped an opposing coach - an offense he later acknowledged but did not apologize for.

Then last month, Barnes was arrested in Sacramento and charged with felony domestic assault after an altercation with his former fiancee Gloria Govan. Barnes is scheduled to appear in court about the case on Oct. 18.

Matt Barnes

So with that going for him, along with his previous reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the NBA, the Lakers shouldn’t have been surprised at Barnes forcefully throwing an opponent directly on top of a Laker Girl cheerleader during a preseason game in Vegas this week.

As Barnes was vying for a rebound with Carl Landry of the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night, the newly-signed Laker grabbed an off-balance Landry and pushed him directly into Laker Girl Ashley.

The tiny cheerleader went into a fetal position as the 6-foot-8, 250-pound Landry crashed down on top of her.

Despite hitting her head on a table directly behind her, Ashley somehow escaped with no serious injuries.

I recognize that Landry is no saint and there’s a history of nastiness between the teams. But there’s absolutely no excuse for such a blatant dirty play by Barnes.

We all know the Lakers signed Barnes to increase team toughness, but with Barnes’ recent track record on and off-the-court, it appears there’s a pretty good chance the Lakers may get more than they bargained for this season.

Laker Girl Ashley Turned Down Timberlake

As for Laker Girl Ashley, I’m thinking the events of Wednesday night may lead her to receive Justin Timberlake’s advances a little differently next time.

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