Video: Arkansas Razorback Suffers ‘Bowel’ Injury

Yesterday we received harrowing news of a recent injury suffered by Arkansas Razorback kick returner Dennis Johnson.

Dennis Johnson suffers Bowel Injury (video)

(Video below)

Johnson is likely out for the season and will take a medical redshirt after suffering a what is being termed publicly as a “bowel” injury while returning a kick against Lousiana-Monroe last Saturday.

The injury occurred when Johnson was tackled around the waist and then fell to the ground. During that process, the ball was pushed into his midsection, causing the injury. An Arkansas media source told me today that Johnson perforated his colon, which required emergency surgery and will end his season.

Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino talked about the injury to the media on Monday.

We’re not even thinking about timetables for his return right now. We’re just thinking about his health. Hopefully he’ll improve. He’s doing well. He was up walking, they’ve got him up walking. He’s very, very sore from the surgery. We’re encouraged by everything the doctors are telling us on how he’s doing health wise.

“When he came off the field, our strength and conditioning coach, (Jason) Veltkamp, said he talked about falling on the ball and landing on the ball. Initially we thought it was a rib injury. But that was not the case.”

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all with football injures, this happens.