Video: Anna Rawson’s First GoDaddy Commercial

Is Danica Patrick played out? It seems sudden, being that she’s still on the rise in her young IRL career and her commercials are still popular. But lo and behold, there’s two ladies in the latest GODADDY.COM commercial… and neither of them are her.

GoDaddy Anna Rawson
(Oh! Oh! They’re looking at each other like that! Something might happen!)

On the left is… some random GoDaddy eye candy. More importantly, on the right is the lovely Anna Rawson, a fixture of the LPGA & newest GoDaddy Girl. In a commercial that was supposed to air today before Bethpage Black was turned into the bottom of the ocean, Rawson and her ladypal are playing golf, when all of a sudden… oh, just watch for yourself on the video, which we’re pretty sure you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet yet (okay, technically, DEVIL BALL GOLF beat us by a day) after the break.

That’s GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons as the genie, if you care. Which you don’t.

Thanks to SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY (subscription required) for the heads-up on the video.

In case you were curious, that’s Kim Jong-Il on the satellite getting knocked down. We don’t know what happens next, since Part 2 isn’t on the GoDaddy website yet, but we’re pretty sure the booty babes start dancing win bikinis and tight shirts, and also the satellite falls on an elaborate contraption that makes hot ladies’ shirts fall off. Happens all the time.

*UPDATE*: Meet Brenna Sakas, Anna’s GoDaddy TV spot co-star.