Video: 1998 Camry Defeats PGA Putting Green

If you’re in the Twin Cities, a responding Police helicopter with infra-red technology, K-9 unit and local, county and state police on the scene can mean only one thing.

A drunk dude drove his ‘98 Camry onto the pristine Hazeltine Golf Club putting green and driving range. (Hazeltine has hosted the PGA Championship in 2002 and 2009, the U.S. Amateur Championship in 2006 is scheduled to stage the Ryder Cup in 2016.)

Late Thursday night, local police clocked 22-year-old Eduard Fermanyuk’s 1998 Toyota Camry at 110 miles per hour. With Fermanyuk’s past driving and civil record littered with criminal activity, no surprise that a chase ensued.


During the 2 1/2-mile pursuit, Fermanyuk nearly hit another vehicle while attempting to pass on the right and drove east in the westbound lane of Hazeltine Boulevard before bursting through the golf course security gate.

Once on the course property, Fermanyuk hit a curb, sending his car airborne and landing on a green. He fled on foot but was soon found under a tree on the course thanks to help from Chaska police officers, a State Patrol helicopter equipped with infrared equipment and a K-9 deputy with his four-legged partner.

Fermanyuk was booked on suspicion of driving after suspension, first-degree criminal damage to property, speeding, reckless driving, possession of a small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia.

More from Walsh:

Fermanyuk’s driving record over the past four years includes numerous convictions for speeding, driving on a suspended license and operating a motorcycle without proper licensing.

When not on the road, he’s been convicted of illegal weapons possession, underage drinking and theft.

Fermanyuk filed for personal bankruptcy in 2008 after accumulating $13,000 in debt and having his street bike repossessed while being an unemployed laborer, said his attorney, Barbara May.

Walsh reported May calling Fermanyuk, ” a sweet little boy … decent, a pleasure to work with.

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