Vid: Golf’s ‘Girl Next Door’ Lobs F-Bomb At French

On of the web’s top golf bloggers Stephanie Wei has a fun video from last weekend’s LPGA Evian Masters in France.

Morgan Pressel FBomb on video

What makes it fun? Wei with setup: “LPGA Girl Next Door Calls French Gallery a “F*@&ing Circus.Morgan Pressel’s pristine reputation certainly adds to the amusement, but for me it wasn’t the f-bomb itself that made the scene so delightful.

Normally with these sorts of things, the people running the broadcast are caught off guard by an expletive slipping out. But if you watch the entire clip, the only thing more telegraphed than Pressel’s expletive was a JaMarcus Russell December down-and-out.

As the director of the broadcast could see Pressel was so pissed, might’ve been a good idea to ditch the parabolic during her shot.