Victoria’s Secret In The Pink w/New College Wear

Pink. Pink. Pink. It’s all you see if you’re on a college campus these days. (And if you’re not smart enough to find an excuse to end up on a college campus, well, you’ve got an entirely different problem.)


But you might be seeing even more of it on select college campuses, as VICTORIA’S SECRET (by way of Joe Ovies at 850 THE BUZZ) has unveiled a brand new “Pink Collegian Collection“, designed for the college-athletic friendly lady.

Now, bear in mind that not every college is represented, although after a quick glance and based entirely on my own firsthand knowledge, they did a pretty good job of picking what colleges ended up on the list.


(Not actually a college co-ed.)

Texas, Arizona State, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee, Nebraska, USC, and as much as I hate to admit it, North Carolina are superb choices. I would ask where NC State is on the list, but A) I don’t want to subject myself to tractor-related gonorrhea jokes, and B) I’m too busy being infuriated that Vickie was so impressed as to include Clemson in this line of underoos and sleepwear.


(Not actually Laura Bowden.)

Of course, then I remembered that the Bowden clan cranked out Laura, and I felt a lot better about the Tigers’ inclusion.