Victoria Principal Goes Fivehole On NHL Playoffs

As far as I can remember, I’ve watched one hockey game in my life. That being said, some people actually like hockey. You might even think that the VERSUS network likes hockey since, you know, they’re the only people who broadcast it these days.

Victoria Principal

(Is that Victoria Principal you’re wearing? YES!)

Of course, you’d be wrong.

During Saturday’s Game 6 match-up between the Minnesota Wild (apparently a hockey team) and the Colorado Avalanche there seems to have been a little snafu:

I was watching the third period …when at midnight, suddenly I was watching a Victoria Principal makeup infomercial.

You can’t really blame VERSUS, I’m sure they didn’t think anyone would notice. Plus, how can you refuse something that not only makes your “lips feel smooth and soft, but actually helps make them look plumper and fuller.