Olympic Cyclist Proud Of Showing Naked Ambition

In the continuing (we hope) tradition of female British athletes proud of their skills in sport & sex appeal - such as soccer sweetie Natasha Hughes - cyclist Victoria Pendleton is glad to show off her glamorous side.

Victoria Pendleton with cycling insert

THE DAILY MAIL catches up with the Beijing-bound biker, who has her eyes set on some Olympic gold. (She recently won two golds & a silver at the Track Cycling World Championships.)

But thanks to some previous photo shoots, more eyes will definitely be on her - especially when most of her clothes are off.

Of the recent glamor (or in Britain, “glamour”) shoots Victoria’s done - posing with her bike in “designer dresses and stiletto heels” - the photo that’s peddled up the most attention was her pose in the complete nude (well, 90% nude) :

Victoria Pendleton nude photo

“Obviously, I was topless but I was wearing a thong and that was airbrushed out. I wouldn’t have done anything provocative.”

Pendelton said that it “took a long time” to agree to the naked shoot, and the okay from her parents. But what convinced her to go through with the shoot is that similar snaps were done featuring one of her cycling heroes, Lance Armstrong (you can surf for that pic yourselves):

“Ultimately, I liked the idea that the magazine was drawing a comparison between me and Lance, who was one of the greatest cyclists in history. I had achieved a lot in the last year on the track, so I thought I could do the photo without being accused of trying to get attention where I could find it.”

Instead of being self-conscious & concerned about the results, Victoria was quite proud of the finished product:

“I’m not in bad nick, and present a good body image. I won’t look like this for ever and it was a great way to store that image for the rest of time. This was me saying: ‘Look how good I look on a bike’.”

And her self-confidence appears to carry over to her opinions on how others might react to the sexy cycling shots:

“Inside the sport, some have said that it was a bit weird and they didn’t feel comfortable seeing me without clothes on. My response was ‘Don’t buy the magazine then’.”

Right on!

(By the way, any more issues left?)