Victoria Beckham Secret Bunion Surgery Keeps Us Going All Day

VIC BECKHAM BUNION BUSTING FLYS UNDER MEDIA RADAR: It is interesting mildy amusing to note that last night and so far today here in L.A. there is much more coverage of the Beckham arrival by national and overseas media outlets than locally. And the sight the brontosaurus media machinery enthusiastically ingesting AEG’s spoon-feeding of the manufactured event is much more entertaining than the transparent trans-Atlantic duo themselves.

Victoria Beckham

The only thing we find interesting about Beckham’s *arrival*? The shrouded intrigue surrounding Victoria’s bunion surgery.

David Beckham

Of course, that’s not enough to drag our happy a– to the Home Depot Center. If we’re going to be in Carson today, it’ll be scoring some smack in a neighborhood 7-11 parking lot, not covering David Beckham showing off his new knee highs.

Meanwhile, SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports ESPN SportsNation is running a reader poll on Beckham, asking, “How would you describe your interest level in David Beckham’s arrival to the U.S.?”

As of noon PT today, 56% of respondents chose “don’t care,” while 25% answered “intrigued,” 13% chose “excited” and 5% said “annoyed”.