Victoria Beckham Reality Show Scripted Virginia Tech Football Moves On

• C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE gets word that the new NBC reality show starring Mrs. Victoria Beckham was…(*gasp*) scripted!

Victoria Beckham NBC Peacock

• HEISMAN PUNDIT wonders if the media will let the Virginia Tech football team move on from last April’s tragedy.

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER takes a stab in the dark with some killer suggestions for the OJ Simpson-featured ‘All Pro Football 2K9′:

OJ Simpson video game Assassins

• Ya, hey, THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BEFORE A CUBS GAME doesn’t take too kind to Scott Van Pelt’s ribbin’ of da fine folks of Minn-e-soda.

• Not so fast, my friend: SHAKEDOWN SPORTS bears news that the WAC has had enough of Lee Corso and ESPN:

Lee Corso Nude

• LION IN OIL is doggone excited for a minor league team’s “Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day”.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME loses some bounce in its step, as California bans the sale of products made from kangaroo leather:

Kangaroo Sylvester Warner Bros.

• Speaking of the Land Down Under, a Tasmanian man had a devil of a time removing a pool cuestick from his outback.

• Don’t be a schmendrick: RADAR MAGAZINE has reviews of Harvey Keitel’s latest performance for Gatorade (along with Derek Jeter):

Harvey Keitel Gatorade

• Jumping on the “Who’s Now?” hate-wagon, BLUMPKINS FOR ALL - in association with a bunch of other bloggers - is prepping their 32-team tournament of “Who’s Schrute?”