Victor Martinez Bobblehead Night … Awk-ward

And so we learn the folly of scheduling a bobblehead night featuring one of your star players on the day after the MLB trading deadline. The Cleveland Indians have some ’splainin’ to do on Saturday during Victor Martinez Bobblehead Night. I hear that anyone who’s anyone in Cleveland will be there, except of course Victor Martinez, who was traded to the Red Sox in exchange for Justin Masterson and Nick Hagadone a few hours ago.

Victor Martinez

So does this become an instant collector’s item, or a handy object to throw onto Progressive Field in disgust? We’ll find out tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Padres are breathing a sigh of relief that they decided to cancel Saturday’s Jake Peavy Kissing Booth.

From the Indians’ web site (courtesy of the CLEVELAND LEADER):

All fans attending the Aug. 1 game against the Detroit Tigers will receive a Victor Martinez catcher bobblehead, compliments of Time Warner Cable. The game, which begins at 7:05pm, will also feature “Turn Back the Clock” night. Both teams will be sporting Negro League uniforms instead of their regular attire.

Pity the poor guy who planned his whole summer around going to see Martinez in a Negro League uniform and then getting his bobblehead signed.

Meanwhile, the biggest deal to slide under the trading deadline door today was Peavy, who for some reason changed his mind about going to the White Sox (he exercised his no-trade clause in May). The Padres get four pitchers from Chicago; right-handers Adam Russell and Dexter Carter and left-handers Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda. Richard is on the big club, and the other three are minor league prospects.

Peavy explained his change of heart to XX Radio in San Diego today. It all comes down to who’s contending.

“The thing is now that a lot of things have changed since May when the deal was first proposed,” Peavy said. “First off the White Sox are in this thing. They’re a contending team and at the time they weren’t any better or contending anymore than we (San Diego) were.

“I think the biggest thing is when a team continually expresses that we have to get rid of you, we need to trade you, and we have to have meeting after meeting asking me to be more open-minded about leaving, and they expressed that fact so many times. When you have one team that does what the White Sox do and just keep knocking at the door saying ‘listen, we want you on this team. We want you in Chicago for the next three years.’ It gets persuasive. I’m certainly not scared to pitch in the American League and that’s not why I stayed in the National League.”

So, good trade for San Diego? Peavy, 28, is 6-6 with a 3.97 ERA in 13 starts, and has been on the disabled list since June 13 with a strained tendon in his right ankle.

And sorry rest of MLB, no Roy Halladay for you. At least not today. Here’s USA TODAY’s trading deadline roundup.

Jake Peavy kissing booth