Victor Conte Using Barry Bonds Image On Website To Sell Legal Supplements

NOW I KNOW CONTE’S REALLY INTO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: Darren Rovell has the bizarro news that BALCO Owner Victor Conte, the who man claims to have supplied Barry Bonds with performance-enhancing drugs, is back selling legal supplements (for now):

Victor Conte Barry Bonds Greg Anderson

Problem is, he’s STILL using images of Bonds and Greg Anderson (who is still in prison for taking a bullet for Bonds) on the front page of his website to promote the products.

Bonds’ marketing agent Jeff Bernstein to Rovell: “We just found out about this. I’ll be talking with his enforcement people to see what the next steps will be.

Barry Bonds Syringe

Sounds like that comment could also be attributed to Bud Selig after MLB got results back from a federally-forced Bonds drug test - which of course will never happen *sigh*.