Vick Gets Offer From League That Doesn’t Exist

With our economy in free fall, I can’t think of a better time for someone to invest $60M in a team in a new pro football league. You?

Chicago Blitz Girls USFL

(Last forensic evidence that USFL ever existed - video after jump)

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY notes today, “the UFL (United Football League), which was hoping to have already unveiled its owners, now expects to do so by early next year, just months before the planned inaugural season. Owners must commit to invest between $30 million and $60 million in their franchises.”


“I’d like to have them now,” said UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue during an interview last week. “I feel good about four of the groups.”

He declined to identify any of the parties targeted for ownership.

I reiterate, this news came out TODAY. And it somehow gets better!

From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS this week:

Is there football life for Michael Vick after his scheduled release from federal prison next summer?

According to Michael Huyghue, commissioner of the United Football League that is set to launch next fall, the answer is yes.

I do think he would be the type of player that would be a great player for this league,” Huyghue told the Daily News, echoing remarks he made to Sports Illustrated in August. “I still continue to believe that we might prove to be the best type of buffer for a player like Michael Vick before he returns to the NFL. Obviously there are some things that would have to happen. No one has a crystal ball. Presumably he would still be suspended.”

So there are no owners, teams, players, except Michael Vick. Sounds like a recipe for success.

Now excuse me while I go load up on General Motors stock…

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