Vick Celebrates Freedom With Iverson, Strippers

Michael Vick is a free man, no longer under federal custody, whether in a prison or under house arrest. He’s may do as he pleases, provided it’s, y’know, legal.

Fat Guy and Stripper
(Vick really let himself go in prison. Also he’s 15 years older and pasty white.)

And really, honestly,  when it comes to pleasing activities, is there anything more immediately effective than an evening at the strip club? Wait, we’re getting an update - there is something better than just hitting the strip club: amateur night, baby! (UPDATE: Vick’s attorney categorically denies Vick was present or even in Virginia Beach.)


Former NFL QB Mike Vick had been in prison for 19 months before being released into federal custody in May. Monday, he was released from federal custody. What was the first thing Vick did? The former Falcons QB went to Atlantis strip club in Virginia Beach, Virginia, according to a source who spotted him at the club and a DJ at the jiggle joint who did not want to be quoted by name. Vick was partying with NBA free agent Allen Iverson, the source and DJ both said.

After getting a tip from a reader Wednesday, and seeing this post at [YOUNG, BLACK, AND FABULOUS] saying the same thing, we called the club half a dozen times until we were able to get someone on the phone tonight around 10:15 pm. “Monday’s are crazy here, it’s amateur night, and it’s packed,” said the DJ, who did not to be quoted. He checked with a few of the dancers about whether or not Vick and Iverson were present Monday and said, “yup, both of them were here. It’s the first place I’d want to go as a free man, too.”

Damned straight. Of course, there’s one teeny tiny little problem with this choice of activities:

Roger Goodell
(”I’m not mad, Mike. I’m just disappointed.”)

Yes, Roger Goodell - who might be a little skittish about having his athletes in strip clubs for some weird reason - still has yet to reinstate Vick; that meeting is to take place soon. Think this strip club trip will come up?

Also, good on Iverson to hit the clubs with Vick; the guy probably doesn’t have a whole lot of liquidity these days. Hell, Vick would be lucky to have a jar of pennies to spare in order to “make it hail on them hoes” - at least not until Goodell clears him to sign a contract with a new NFL team.

*UPDATE*: Vick responds by denying he made any strip club visit.