VH1 Pulls A Buffalo, Signs ‘The T.O. Show’ (Video)

Undoubtedly, many in Buffalo bristled when the Bills signed the media circus that is Terrell Owens over this offseason. While his on-field talents are undeniable, there’s always the lingering specter of discontent submarining a clubhouse and a season, borne out during every year of Owens’ career as he still doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring.

Terrell Owens Popcorn
(Welcome to Get Your Popcorn, Volume 2. But let’s try not to make such a mess of the refreshments this time, shall we?)

Worse yet, the blowups have become so high-profile that sometimes the level of coverage becomes a story in and of itself. And while that may be an invitation for disaster for a Buffalo club that probably needs a lot more help than a mercurial WR in order to achieve relevance in the Super Bowl race, at least VH1 had the wherewithal to realize that he’d be absolute gold for their team.

So without further ado, after the break, the five-minute trailer for The T.O. Show, premiering in two weeks. We have to warn you; it’s ludicrously silly.

Yes, the family parts might be tough too watch, precisely because they’re even harder for Owens to go through. That might be a revealing insight into part of what has made T.O. who he is these days.

What won’t have any expository value and is just a fiery train wreck for the sake of wrecking trains is this “T.O. needs to focus; let’s move him to Los Angeles!” storyline. C’mon. The last thing producers want is Owens to focus. It’s like setting a baseball bat and an obnoxious cameraman in front of Russell Crowe. What the hell do you think is going to happen?

And besides, everybody knows that there’s only one place to train and really, really get to focusing:

Too cold? C’mon, no way; T.O.’s on his way to Buffalo, remember? Might not be too conducive for the ladies, though. And nobody would want to watch that.