Veterans Want NFL To Get Documents Regarding Pat Tillman Death

• The LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM reports some veterans are asking the NFL to help release government documents regarding Pat Tillman’s death:

Pat Tillman

• LA OBSERVED has the heartwarming story of a Tijuana intern turned sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE checks their briefs, as Barry Bonds is wrangling up some lawyers.

• Headline from the ARIZONA REPUBLIC: “Mickelson commits to play Fry’s Open in Scottsdale“:

Mickelson French Fries

Just one question: McDonalds or Burger King?

• Mike Bianchi of the ORLANDO SENTINEL says the Bucs stop here…at being an honest organization.

• The DAILY TELEGRAPH reports some soccer stars decide where to play if their wives like to shop there.

• Shaq Diesel travels off the beaten path in a visit to China:

Shaq China

We’re not sure if his parting words were, “Ching chong yang wah ah soh.”

• A church conference attendee on seeing Tommy Lasorda in an Indiana restaurant: “I thought he was a brethren pastor.”

• It appears the ladies love to just watch Andy Roddick swat some balls around.

• BERECRUITED SPORTSWRAP tells us Kevin Garnett’s Celtics jersey is selling like hotcakes:

Garnett Celtics Jersey

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS finds folks of the Show Me State trying to show up Nebraska fans in keeping Missouri’s home field corn-free.

• MR. SUNSHINE speculates on where Dan Patrick’s golden voice might beam from again.