Very Sad: Misremembering A Memorable Romance

Sad day today. The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports this morning that country singer Mindy McCready is claiming she had a ten-year sexual liason with Roger Clemens beginning when she was 15 and he was 28 (and married).

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens

(Mindy’s had a wee few personal (and legal) problems)

Apparently she plans to use her underage sex with Big Tex as a springboard to a country music comeback (sounds like a great plan to us!).

The focus of the NYDN is on how the affair will crush Clemens’ credibility in his upcoming settlement trial against Brian McNamee. As if he had any to begin with.

We instead would prefer to focus on Debbie Clemens. First it comes out she flashed her boobs to Jose Canseco. Next we learn that she had Brian McNamee inject her with something (Roger still doesn’t know). And now we find out her husband was cheating on her with a 15-year-old.

Bright side: If this can’t help her achieve her lifelong dream of manning the trapeze in Circus with the Stars, nothing will.