Versus Goes ‘Around The Horn’ With Cam Hotties

Sports cable TV outlet Versus recently launched a new show called Fanarchy. The production is loosely based on the ESPN’s Around The Horn, but instead of sportswriters, the Versus version features webcam-tethered fans as the protagonists.

Versus Fanarchy Features Women On Webcam Stripping

From the show’s website:

Each week the webcammers will stake out hard-core opinions (not necessarily expert, but always entertaining) and do battle. EVERY sports fan has an opinion, and on this show they’ll get an opportunity to share it. Instead of the tired old formula of sports-writers and generic TV talking heads spewing endless stats, calculating salary cap numbers and reading from steroids subpoenas, these sports fans are rabid, ready to do battle and unrelenting in their opinions. … (Nobody is above the fray, but some people do have fancier webcams).

It’s easy to mock Versus for something like this, but I give them credit for taking a chance and trying something different. The show isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m not in the show’s target demographic.

Versus Fanarchy Features Women On Webcam Stripping

(For encore airing, may have to wait for funds to settle)

That is, I thought I wasn’t - until I saw the performance of some female fans on cam.

Three very attractive female fans were featured on a recent show. After telling us their favorite teams, they stripped to their skivvies and writhed around in bed. Damn cool development, especially considering their performance wasn’t predicated on a credit card number.

With Around The Horn seemingly on the wane, at least in my house, perhaps this is just the break Erin Andrews needs to break into daytime TV. C’mon Boddy, give it a shot! (But don’t give Woody Paige any ideas.)

SbB partner Yardbarker is also involved in Fanarchy. YB bloggers and athletes will be making future appearances on the show. Click here to keep abreast of their appearances on Yardbarker’s Fanarchy-dedicated blog.

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