Vernon Davis Talks About Singletary On His Blog

So by now I’m pretty sure that you’ve all seen the video of San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary ripping his tight end Vernon Davis a new one. The video has been everywhere and I have no doubt that it will show up as a Coors Light commercial at some point in the future. Still, with the video we’ve only gotten one side of the story, and we don’t know what Davis’ point of view was.

Vernon Davis

Thankfully Vernon keeps a blog over at YARDBARKER, and in his latest entry he addressed the situation between himself and his new coach.


One thing about me, when I get heated, I just want to be to myself. I didn’t really hear Coach Singletary call me on sideline. I didn’t really hear him calling me at the time. I was just in another world because I had everybody else saying something to me. I didn’t really hear anybody else talking. I didn’t say anything to coach. I pretty much just listened to Coach Singletary said when he approached me. He told me to sit down and I sat down, and he told me to go inside and I went inside.

I was asked today by the media if Coach Singletary and I could work together. Yeah, I believe we can make it work. Coach Singletary, he’s a coach that really wants to win. He’s excited and this is his first time having a big job like this so he has to get comfortable, and we have to get comfortable with each other, I think he’s going to do a good job.

The entry finished with “Please help me! Coach is standing over my shoulder with a gun to my head and threatening to shoot me! Somebody call the police!”

Okay, so it doesn’t end like that. But you have to admit it’d be a lot cooler if it did.

Frankly I think this whole situation will turn out to be a good thing for the 49ers. The team was in an obvious need of a shake up, and it looks like Singletary was just the guy to do it. Plus, as a blogger, having a coach deliver a press conference like that in his very first game can only be a good thing. What’s he going to do next week? Slap J.T. O’Sullivan?

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