Venezuela Company Trying To Overcome Chavez Slurs With American Auto Racing

West Coast Bias

• Female IRL driver Milka Duno, a member of the Samax Motorsport team, is attempting to qualify today for the IRL’s Kansas Lottery Indy 300 at Kansas Speedway this Sunday.

Milka Duno

USA TODAY reports that Venezuela’s Citgo corp., which is a Samax sponsor, is attempting to use Duno’s racing as a way to “regain its mainstream standing” in the U.S. after Venezuela President Hugo Chavez “likened President Bush to the devil” at the U.N. last fall.

Samax Motorsport Owner Peter Barron: “We’ve gotten a couple e-mails in our in-basket questioning Citgo’s motives.

As all world citizens know, the way into the heart and minds of red-blooded Americans is running dead last in an open-wheel race on a Sunday afternoon in Kansas. Genius!

• USA TODAY reports today that the NFL is considering pulling the NFL draft out of New York City after 2009 and is considering new host cities such as San Diego, Chicago, Cleveland and Canton, Ohio.

I won’t mind the draft moving so long as the league ensures that the Giants and Jets continue to draft like crap - with the accompanying crowd overreaction.

• THE MILFHUNTER WOULD BE PROUD OF PERCIVAL: The DETROIT NEWS notes former MLB pitcher Troy Percival, who was injured all last season but awarded a full World Series share last year by the Tigers, “responded this year by leasing an 18-seat luxury suite at Comerica Park for Tigers wives” at a cost of $120,000.

• SportsColumn locates a new soccer website attempting to raise $70 each from 50,000 site members to buy an English soccer team - and then run the team via voting by those same purchasers.

SC: “Having fans decide on starting lineups isn’t a completely novel idea. Last summer, the Schaumburg Flyers, a minor league baseball team in Illinois, teamed up with MSN for something called Fan Club: Reality Baseball that put the daily managerial decisions in the hands of the fans. Unsurprisingly, the decisions were less than stellar.

SportsColumn overlooked at least one higher profile team being run by uneducated fans: Jerry Buss and son Jim and their Los Angeles Lakers. And I think Redskins, Cowboys, Mavericks, Flyers, Blackhawks, Orioles, and Royals followers could also make a case for inclusion.