Vegemite Banned at Olympics; Aussies Weaker

When Beijing Olympic officials got wind that Olympic delegations wanted to bring their own food to China, they naturally felt it was a slap in the face to Chinese culture, agriculture, etc. Much to those delegations’ chagrin, Chinese officials told them not to bring any food with them despite concerns about culture shock, contaminated foods (chickens chock full of steroids, etc.), and supply.

Popeye enjoying Vegemite

Unfortunately, there are some foodstuffs that China cannot naturally provide. Australia, for example, has taken to calling the new restrictions the “Vegemite ban”. Australian athletes cannot currently pack any of the leftover brewers’ yeast for the trip. (Australians believe in utilizing the whole beer, much like Native Americans and the buffalo.)

The Aussies might as well stay home if they can’t bring the paste that gives them their unique abilities. Why, it would be like taking… well, taking beer from an Australian athlete. Someone better get Beijing back on the line, just in case that was also on the list.

Australians have always had issues traveling abroad, though, as documented in their national song*:

*not bloody likely, now is it?

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