Vegas Course Offers Golfers Chance To Play A Round With Beautiful Ball Washers

ANOTHER VEGAS INNOVATION - BEAUTIFUL BALL WASHERS: Las Vegas really is becoming a showplace we can all be proud of. You all know about the gambling, world-class entertainment and unparalleled fine dining.

Las Vegas Postcard

But Vegas’ vastly underrated golf scene is finally coming to the fore, thanks to an exhilarating innovation termed “T-Mates”.

Rio Secco T-Mate

The Rio Secco golf course recently introduced the innovation, and defines a T-Mate as a way to meet prostitutes on the slypart caddie, part model, part host, and all fun and professional!”

T-Mates Rio Secco Golf Club

The list of T-Mate duties include greeting every golfer at the door (think beautiful hostess at a nice restaurant), providing concierge service throughout the day, accompanying golfers throughout the round, maintaining the scorecard, and much more.”Speaking of much more, the Green Fee for the Rio Hotel’s golf course is $245. The Green Plea by the female golf hostesses? $200 (of course, that’s only if you don’t play a round with her afterwards).