Vegans, PETA Love Garnett’s PB&J Sammich Habit

The nation is still enthralled at the raw, unrefined emotion spewing from every orifice of Kevin Garnett. (Well, maybe not every orifice. Most, though.) So what’s his secret?

Kevin Garnett, PG&J aficionado

In an interview after the NBA Finals, which THE PETA FILES caught wind of, Garnett’s pre-game snack of choice is a pile of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is definitely a step forward in the advancement smashing the “athletes have to eat meat” stereotype. Or something.

But the PETA blogger wonders why Garnett used the phrasing he did, calling a PB&J sandwich a PB&J sandwich:

“So why do I feel that if KG had said, “I eat a vegan meal before every big game,” the reaction would have been … different? It’s like everyone is cool with eating healthy, but for some reason, eating vegan has this whole different connotation for some people—even though it’s exactly the same thing”

Hmm. All I consumed while writing this post was two gallons of Pepsi, five Pixy Stix and a barrel of potato chips. I ate vegan. I ate healthy! And I’m pretty sure that was also a gluten-free meal.

Tune in next week, when the estate of Dr. Atkins lauds the Celtics bench for dumping onto Doc Rivers a low-carb alternative to cookie dough: