Vanessa Bryant’s Pawn Star Money Shot: $51,000

Here’s a shot of Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa at the White House yesterday. She’s wearing a men’s watch called the “Rolex Oyster Special Edition Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Leopard Mens Watch 116598-SE.

(On this week’s edition of Pawn Stars, Chumlee meets Vanessa … )

It retails for $51,000, but a quick jaunt to the Univ. of Oregon campus might just yield a more palatable price it appears to be available slightly cheaper on some other websites. (Yeah, good to know.)

User Reviews of Vanessa Bryant's watch

The watch has 48 diamonds, 36 sapphires along with a leopard-printed face and band. (Design reportedly inspired by Otter’s private abode in National Lampoon’s Animal House.)

Here’s one thoughtful critique of the watch from esteemed reviewer J.Gonzalez.

“Are you on crack or what? This watch is so nasty I prefer to use a watch from a cereal box. I can’t believe a company like Rolex took the time to make this watch. Probably it was designed by the brainless daughter of the owner of the company. They have to pay me $50k to wear that thing. People will laugh at you if you pull that out. I rather look the stars and verify the position of the sun to tell me the time than looking that hideous thing on my wrist. Go take your 50k, buy yourself a nicer rolex and go on vacation.”

In recognition of Ms. Bryant’s purchase, I prefer to view the fact that she met her multi-millionaire NBA superstar husband as a 17-year-old girl living in a lower middle-class suburb of Orange County as complete coincidence.