Vanderjagt Still Vexed By Kicking Concerns In CFL

Mike Vanderjagt, the one-time king of the NFL kicking community, continues to botch his booting attempts while north of the border.

Mike Vanderjagt David Letterman

The ex-Colt & ex-Cowboy, who lost his roster spots after some poor on-field performances, is trying his luck with the Toronto Argonauts with the CFL. But in last week’s season opener against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he missed on his first three field goal attempts (but he did score a single on his first failed FG).

But Vanderjagt realizes his problem was a lack of respect - not to the game, but to the hashmarks.

The NATIONAL POST explains:

“I didn’t give the hashmarks enough respect,” said Vanderjagt. “I didn’t play the angles.”

In the CFL the hashmarks are lined up six yards to the side of the upright unlike in the National Football League where they are inline with the uprights. Vanderjagt played nine seasons in the NFL before signing with Toronto in May. He last played in the CFL in 1997 when he won a Grey Cup with Toronto.

So it took Mike 11 years to forget all he knew about kicking it Canadian style? Maybe Peyton Manning was right about his “idiot kicker” comments.

But we kid Mr. Vanderjagt. He was eventually able to correct his form, clearing the crossbars on his final two attempts as the Argos beat the Bombers, 23-16.

He hopes to keep kicking correct in Toronto’s home opener against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, where the Argos play in the Rogers Centre. Knowing he has better success in domes, Vanderjagt joked, “I’m just trying to figure out who I have to payoff to keep the roof closed.”

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. If his CFL career doesn’t pan out, Vanderjagt should try out with the Second City comedy troupe.

As for us, we always give respect to Hashmarks.