Vanderbilt Cheerleaders miss NCAA tournament because of Spring Break rules violations

VU CHEERLEADERS MISS NCAAS AFTER SPRING BREAK FLAP: Sadly, Larry Flynt isn’t involved in this story:

Vanderbilt Hustler Reports Cheerleaders Dismissed

Instead, the Vanderbilt student paper, called the Hustler, is reporting that “at least four Vanderbilt cheerleaders have been dismissed from the squad (and will miss the NCAA tournament) for violation of team rules over spring break, according to Assistant Vice Chancellor Brock Williams.

Vanderbilt Cheerleaders Dismissed

An assistant coach was also terminated as a result of the rule infractions, which occurred during a trip to the Southeastern Conference women’s basketball tournament.”

I think I might have a bead on what those infractions were, straight from the “Vanderbilt University Guidelines for Cheerleaders“:

Vanderbilt Cheerleaders Dismissed

Based on this 2005 photo, it looks like this might have been a pattern of behavior over the years - shocking!

Vanderbilt Cheerleaders Dismissed

And like a true university administration lifer, Vanderbilt Assistant Busybody Vice Chancellor Williams really twisted the knife on announcing the news, “Some people will not be able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but several other student organizations, such as the Danceline, have stepped up to support the basketball teams during the NCAA tournament.

Yeah, that’ll show those “some people“! You get you some Brock!

Girls Gone Wild

What Williams doesn’t realize is, there may well be some good come out of this. Those girls could end up entertaining many more people than they would’ve reached as Vandy cheerleaders, so long as Joe Francis got out of his regularly-scheduled Interstate 10 trash removal detail.