Venus Loses Tournament, Chance At New Porsche

Venus Williams was looking for a strong finish in the Porsche Grand Prix. No, she hasn’t taken up auto racing - the tennis star was competing in a tourney this week sponsored by the German car maker.

Venus Williams

However, Venus’ dreams of Grand Prix glory came to an end Saturday, as Williams lost in the semifinals to soon-to-be #1 ranked Jelena Jankovic. But worse than the three-hour-long draining defeat, Venus lost out on a chance to drive home in some new stylin’ wheels.

For you see, the grand prize of the Grand Prix is a brand-new Porsche. As the CALGARY HERALD further explains:

Williams admitted the prize of a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabrio, worth $98,500 US, is a tempting target as she bids to win Sunday’s final.

“I love fast cars, I am hoping to win one here and take it for a drive after Sunday,” she admitted.

Guess she’ll have to spend her Sunday racing around in her Volkswagen rental instead.

But Venus wasn’t the only one feeling the pain in Saturday’s showdown. Jankovic was suffering from a split toenail, and a three-hour match certainly didn’t help matters:

“That was a tough game, it’s always hard to play Venus,” said Jankovic. “I had to run a lot.”

But the win & advancing to the finals (and the opportunity for a Porsche of her own) should make Jelena feel better - if the drugs don’t:

“I was not sure I would play today because I had to have two injections. I was screaming in pain before the doctor put the needle in.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have any gruesome images of Jankovic’s torn-up toe. How about a downblouse shot instead?

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