Utah St. Fans Hold Reggie Theus Lookalike Night; Bad ‘Staches, Body Oil Prevail

BODY OIL, BAD STACHE ASIDE, THEUS’ AGGIES FLYIN’ HIGH: One of the feel good stories of college basketball this season is the New Mexico State Aggies. Once the downtrodden team of the WAC, NMSU is 21-6 this season.

Reggie Theus Utah State Lookalike Contest

The mastermind behind the turnaround is Reggie Theus. Yes, the former NBA pretty boy and “Coach Bill Fuller” from that mid-90s NBC masterpiece “HangTime“.

Reggie Theus Hangtime

But the LAS CRUCES SUN-NEWS reports that lately, things have gotten a little out of hand with NMSU students during home games, so Coach Theus met with many of the game attendees at the on-campus student center this week to implore them to stop using profanity in their chants.Apparently screaming (in unison) “Nice shot a–hole” is a time-honored tradition at the Pan American Center.

Reggie Theus

Theus to the students: “Be creative, do your thing without profanity. There’s a lot of other ways to do it. I’m not telling you what to do, but if you do your part we’ll continue, as a team, to do our part.“When the former NBAer, known for his chiseled looks, speaks of “creative” fans, he knows of what he speaks.

Recently Utah State students held a “Reggie Theus Lookalike Night” as USU hosted NMSU in hoops. The look was based upon this priceless poster that Theus posed for back in the ’80s:

Reggie Theus poster

And thankfully, the memorable proceedings were captured, bad stache, body oil and all, on YouTube:

Reggie Theus Utah State Lookalike Contest