Utah HS Footballers’ New Play: Crime Spree Left

We’ve always been told that organized sports provides structure for youth and gives them the ability to become more self-assertive and responsible. However, we can’t imagine the football coach at Syracuse High School in Syracuse, UT, ever suspected his football players would be responsible for this.

Utah high school football players' crime rampage targets

(Endless Summer robbery turns into cruel summer for high school football players… film at 11)

Five players from the Syracuse High School football team have been arrested on 54 charges relating to a crime spree across two northern Utah counties. The strapping young men allegedly robbed at least 10 local businesses and damaged other nearby homes and businesses. Why’d they do it?

“”They started doing this, and they were successful at it,” said Deputy Davis County Attorney Rick Westmoreland. “They were getting money… they were getting a rush, so they just continued to do it.”"

And here we thought we wouldn’t be writing any Brett Favre stories today.

Even better, local prosecutors suspect more teens are involved and may be pursuing more charges soon. We wonder if the crime ring goes to 11. “Okay… Circle K left on Main St. on one… break in!”

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